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Christina Pavlov

State:  Queensland

Club:   Broadbeach

Bowl Used:  Edge Raptor / Edge Factor 3H non-gripped

Why do you use Edge Bowls? Edge is an Australian company that makes bowls to suit Australian conditions. I like the consistent and predictable line of the Edge Raptor and its stability in the wind. It is a great all rounder that I can use anywhere and performs reliably on all grass and synthetic surfaces. On very fast greens Edge Factors are great to use with no hook and a straight line into the head.

How and when did you start bowling? It was in 1996 and my partner Dennis had already been bowling for a number of years. I was playing netball a few times a week and he had to work hard to convince me to give bowls a try. Finally, I had my first coaching lesson and I was immediately hooked but it wasn't until 2004 after working overseas for a number of years that I had the time to devote to bowls.

Career Achievements:  

  • Australian Super Six Pairs Gold and Bronze medals
  • Australian Sides Marj Morris Trophy 2017, 2011
  • Australian Sides Overall Trophy 2017, 2014
  • Australian Sides Best performed rink 2014
  • Australian Senior Sides Champions 2017, 2016, 2015
  • Australian Senior Sides Best performed rink 2015
  • Australian Senior Sides QLD Player of the Series
  • Australian Open O60s Pairs Champion 2013, Final 2018
  • QLD representative player 2009 - 2018 (over 80 tests)
  • QLD Champion of Champion Fours (twice)
  • QLD Triples Champion
  • QLD Div 1 Pennant Champions 2017, 2016, 2015
  • QLD State District Sides Champions ( 5 times)
  • 19 District Titles including Gold Coast District Player of the Year 3 times
  • 23 Open Club Championship Titles

Which bowlers do you enjoy playing with or against?  I enjoy playing with my QLD team mates against the best bowlers from other states.

What would you do if you weren’t bowling: Traveling and ticking more places off my bucket list!

What is your biggest accomplishment in bowls to date? Winning the Gold medal in the Australian Super Six pairs

What would be your ultimate bowls achievement? Winning another Australian Open title.

Do you have any heroes or people who inspire you?  Kurt Fearnley three times paralympic gold medallist is an inspiration to me. He has shown what can be achieved and overcome through sheer determination.

Do you have a saying or motto that you live your life by? You have to believe in yourself to accomplish your goals

What song best describes your work ethic?  Don't Stop Me Now - Queen


What’s the most interesting, non-bowls related thing about you?   I worked for CSIRO and in the 1970's developed the first interactive computer game in Australia. This game was for a public open day at CSIRO to give a "hands-on" experience of computing technology.