With current restrictions in place in Victoria, please allow an extra two weeks for delivery of bowls.


The beginning of the Edge Bowls legend.

Yonks ago, a bunch of bowlers like totally got together and noticed a need to develop mad bowls for keen as bowlers who loved to bowl.

Since then Edge Bowls has continued to ‘break the mould’ with sik Bowl colour combos, awesome lines like the Edge Raptor and Factor cool grips and rad engravings.

Before you think… Edge Bowls must be faux - made out of someone’s back shed, I don’t think so buddy,

- As if!

The Bowls have and will be made out of the same Melbourne factory that generates all the hella Henselite bowls. So you know your Edge Bowls are in wicked hands.


The new phase of Edge Bowls

If you’re bout it and totally wanna get a grip on your very own set of Edge Bowls, now you can.

Welcome to the stage - the new website, a NEW WAY for Edge Bowls.

We’ve built a new live pad for all your Edge bowls needs, where you can select your: size, colour and engraving.

We’ve knocked up all the available options for you to see live, not like back in the day, no more trying to imagine your dream bowls.. Now you can see what’s on offer for realz. Kick your current set to the curb, and check out what Edge Bowls has to offer.

Don’t freak out, you don’t have to part with a bunch of cheddar to jump on the Edge Bowls train. We’ve sorted some fine prices – so let’s roll!


Edge Bowls Future stuff

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