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Jane Bush

State: QLD

Club: Kawana

Bowl Used: Edge Factor Size 4 (non grip)

Why do you use Edge Bowls? For over 11 years, I've loved the line and they are suited very well to fast QLD greens.

How and when did you start bowling? When I was 14 in the UK. Playing crown green bowls and only started playing flat bowls when I came to Australia in 2002. I used to watch my parents bowl in the UK, both were brilliant bowlers and one day they were short and my Dad insisted I fill in. I was scared stiff! BUT, I won the rest is history as they say!

Career Achievements:  Winning state titles, Representing my Club District and QLD many time. I've also have made it to the Australian Open final and FINALLY won the over 60s pairs title in 2019!

Which bowlers do you enjoy playing with or against?  I love to play any team game especially with fellow Club players. It's always great to play against top Australian Players like Karen Murphy, Chloe Stuart and Lynsey Clarke.

What would you do if you weren’t bowling: Cards! I love a game of poker!

What is your biggest accomplishment in bowls to date?  Winning the Marj Morris Trophy at the Australian Sides Championship, the overall State trophy and the best performer. 

For my Club it was winning the Gold medal in the Champ of Champion Fours in 2017.

AND... Winning over 60s Pairs title at the 2019 Australian open.

What would be your ultimate bowls achievement? Back up another win at the AO in 2020 and make it to an Australian Indoor FINAL.

Do you have any heroes or people who inspire you? World Champion, Ian (Shoey) Schuback. Our inspirational Club Coach and great friend. 

Do you have a saying or motto that you live your life by? Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Karma is a bitch !!!

What song best describes your work ethic? Work hard, play hard (Wiz Khalifa)


What’s the most interesting, non-bowls related thing about you?  I am a volunteer addict. 2 days a week at the animal refuge and 2 days a week at the Hospital Children’s Hospital.