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Rose Rixon

State: QLD

Club: Club Maroochy

Bowl Used: Raptors (size 2 gripped)

Why do you use Edge Bowls? I love the feel in my hand and the line they take builds confidence in my shot selection.

How and when did you start bowling? I took up the game with my two young daughters to show the in-laws that we could beat them at Barefoot Bowls each Christmas…. That was 10 years ago!

Career Achievements:  

  • 2019 Qualified at the Atlantic Championships in Cardiff UK to compete in Ladies Fours at 2020 World Championships
  • 2018 Bronze Medal in Ladies Fours Commonwealth Games
  • 2017 Selected to represent Malta
  • Before that it was all Club Championships and top 16/32 at AO

Which bowlers do you enjoy playing with or against? I love playing with my daughters Connie and Rebecca and really enjoy playing with my club mates. The Scottish Ladies are so much fun to play against…. Don’t be fooled as they are bloody hard to beat and we are yet to do that but they really enjoy their game and it’s a pleasure playing against them. 

What would you do if you weren’t bowling? Watching bowls no doubt!! Or back riding and competing in Dressage.

What is your biggest accomplishment in bowls to date? Definitely going over to the UK and qualifying for the World Championships next year. It was such a different experience trying to adjust to the greens and the conditions over in Cardiff. It was both mentally and physically challenging.

What would be your ultimate bowls achievement? It's not necessarily winning for me, but being asked to play by top level players in big money events would be something I'd class as the ultimate.

Do you have any heroes or people who inspire you? Definitely Jo Edwards – what a champion person she is. To be as humble as she is gracious and play at that level constantly in international events is something I really admire.

Do you have a saying or motto that you live your life by? Cheers big Ears… that’s my normal saying. Other than – At the end of the day, It’s only a game of bowls!!

What song best describes your work ethic?   She Works Hard For The Money by Donna Summer

What’s the most interesting, non-bowls related thing about you?  Not much really – Life before bowls was either Netball or Horses.  Riding horses from the age of 8 and rode for many people in all levels of competitions including Show riding, breed classes, dressage and Polo Cross. I bred Stock Horses and competed on all the horses I bred. I was also an Instructor for many years and a Judge.